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ABC‘s mission is to provide “Superior Security Service.” With this commitment in mind, ABC has assembled a managerial team that is professional and dedicated to success. Our managers are skilled and tested veterans who consistently meet the challenges presented in the changing world of security and loss prevention. When partnering with ABC you have the full commitment of our executives and managers, who will help ensure that our security personnel and support staff provide the optimum level of service that you have come to expect from ABC Security Service, Inc.
ABC staff

Ana Chretien, President, Owner

Ana Chretien
Ana Chretien
Ms. Chretien has been at the helm of ABC serving as President and CEO since 1989. She attended UCLA where she centered her studies on business and accounting. By introducing professionalism and winning strategies she has steered her company in a direction that ensures both quality of service and financial strength. Her unique leadership ability is also recognized in the community where she and ABC have been honored as one of the top 25 minority-owned businesses in the East Bay Area, and one of the top 500 largest Hispanic owned businesses in the United States. Ms. Chretien is also respected for her unfailing commitment to the community having served on many local and state commissions and advisory committees. Email Ana Chretien

Ray Thrower, General Manager Emeritus, Consultant

Roy Thrower
Roy Thrower
Mr. Thrower is a 30+year veteran of ABC. He is a graduate of Laney College and has completed the P.O.S.T. certificated criminal justice training program. He has honed his management skills having served in almost all of ABC’s management positions. As a result he has command knowledge of the entire operation. Mr. Thrower also acts as the key liaison representative to governmental entities that require Homeland Security and MARSEC expertise. He has trained with world-class experts on Anti-Terrorism preparation and is well versed in the logistics involved in modern-day airport security. He is ABC‘s primary security advisor to federal, state and local law enforcement, and continues to be actively involved as an energetic participant in community business associations and local public coalitions.
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Clinton Grant, Operations Manager

Clinton Grant
Clinton Grant
Mr. Grant came to ABC after attaining much of his supervisory and managerial expertise in the health care and gaming industries. He has been both a hospital service supervisor and the director of security for a gambling casino in Northern California. Mr. Grant has more than ten years of managerial experience at ABC. He is the manager who is directly responsible for ensuring that the operational elements of a client’s contract are carried out in accordance with agreed upon conditions. There is an old adage that says, “You can’t expect what you don’t inspect.” Most of Mr. Grant’s effort is centered on overseeing field supervisors, site training and inspection, as well as client interaction to ensure total customer satisfaction. Email Clinton Grant

Erica Cervantes, Schedule Manager

Erica Cervantes
Erica Cervantes
Ms. Cervantes is ABC’s Management Scheduler. She is responsible for maintaining control of the weekly schedule of nearly three hundred guards. This complex process is computer automated to ensure that properly trained personnel are assigned to specific work sites. Ms. Cervantes is very familiar with our employee-client pool. She has the unique skill and innate ability to match specific personnel with the special needs and requisites identified by our clients. Under Ms. Cervantes’ watchful eye you are assured of an efficient and timely response. Email Erica Cervantes

Tejaskumar Parekh, Contract Administration

Tejaskumar Parekh
Tejaskumar Parekh
Mr. Parekh has been with ABC Security since 2004. He has a strong background in sales and payroll/Office Admin. as well as his officer and supervisor experience e.g., he has performed such wide-ranging assignments as Oakland Airport Supervisor, In-charge, payroll Administration and office administration. Mr. Parekh attend everyday aviation meeting also once in a week contractor construction and safety meeting. Mr. Parekh attended higher education at an institution in India and he is able cultivate client relationships on behalf of ABC Security.

Jewhara, Office Manager

Jewhara Jewhara joined the ABC Security Service Team in 2017. She has military background from her home country as well as her considerable experience in working closely with the Management Team since her arrival here at ABC Security.

Communications Service Center

Dispatcher Gayle Our headquarters based 24/7 Communications Service Center is staffed with well trained, experienced dispatchers who handle calls around the clock in a professional and efficient manner. Our Executive and Headquarters Management plus dedicated staff are on call 24/7 making them available to the dispatcher & our clients.

Our Friendly Back Office Staff

MariaIsabelTracyThese are the fine employees who do payroll, accounts payable & receivable, billing plus other accounting & clerical work for ABC Security!
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