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Dedicated to Safety, Security, and the Protection of Life and Property

Our first priority is to effectively address our client's security needs


Serving clients for over 50 years with superior security service that provides Safety, Protection, and Loss Prevention to nearly 100 clients in public and private businesses, corporations, cities and government agencies. Let us demonstrate how ABC Security Service combines competitive pricing and responsiveness to enable your company to achieve an environment that is friendly, safe, and well protected.

About Us

Since 1968, ABC Security Services has been providing superior security service around the clock to a wide variety of public entity clients.​


A professional environment requires an intelligent approach to security. ABC Security provides winning strategies to ensure your protection and success.​

Our Team

ABC's mission is to provide “Superior Security Service” and has assembled a managerial team that is professional and dedicated to success.​


Our corporate emphasis is to perform all business in an ambassadorship-like manner. We will work toward excellence through professional appearance, alertness, and courteous demeanor. We will always strive to promote a secure environment in which our clients may safely conduct their business.

Our personnel, operations and contract management departments ensure that you get quick action and continued oversight of the guard force and security applications.

ABC’s Ten-To-Win Quality Service Program also encourages our guards to be diligent toward their duties and to maintain a professional presence at all times.

Service Sectors

Specialized Services

ABC specializes in providing armed and unarmed uniformed security officers to a variety of different business centers and industrial sites.

We also service federal, state, and local government clients that require adherence to strict Homeland Security protocols.

Our in-house specialists interact with aviation, maritime, and military authorities, as well as all levels of law enforcement.

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ABC Security Service

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